The Gaardian VI Map Archives
The following VI-accessible maps are available to the public! (New! Load times now faster than ever!)
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Please note that requests for areas without mazes may be considered before other areas.

How to Use These Maps

About the Maps
Every one of these maps are automatically generated using dynamic content that Gaardian maintains. This means that none of these maps will ever go 'out-of-date', as updating any of these areas only takes a few seconds.
These maps were tested on Jaws 10.0.1154 with Internet Explorer 8 on Windows, and with VoiceOver Utility on Mac OS X Leopard and Safari 4.0.2.
The view counts were last reset 01:40:59 - Thursday 11 Dec, 2008 MUD time. There have been a total of 4020027 map views.

Get Involved!
The Mid'Gaardian Publishing Group encourages a community of sharing, so the Gaardian Map Archives code is copyleft, with some restrictions: you are free to reproduce, adapt to your own purposes, or otherwise distribute the source code behind the Gaardian Map Archives as long as any resulting copies or adapted versions are also bounded by the same copyleft licensing scheme. As a common courtesy to your fellow mappers, you are required to give credit to any maps themselves (as opposed to the source code) that you did not create.